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Artist Statement

I am in love with the world. I find it revelatory and more beautiful than anything I can construct. In my art I seek to partner this marvelous force to illuminate the places we inhabit and how and why they inhabit us. This search for connection continuously brings me back outside, back into the world, out of the theater, out of the studio. Where the sky domes overhead and the earth moves beneath.

A practice emerged from my work outside, Worlding. Which I define as: Fully inhabiting body and space while continuously refreshing all relationships without naming any aspect of experience as a means to share identity. By bringing our complete attention to the body we access the brilliance of life, awakening our senses and becoming conscious of our surroundings. This disrupts the preconceptions that control how we relate with each other and the world. The renewal of our perceptions create an openness to connection. Through this keyhole of awareness we share our identity.

The work happens in parks, streets, sidewalks, beaches, lakes, forests, rooftops, hallways, subway stations, underpasses, rivers, or trails. It is a work of inclusion, of randomness, of possibility. The practice is combined with a deep physical rigor, a lifetime of inquiry. I craft each performance to reveal the hidden nature of each location. Opening the minds as well as the eyes of the viewers, whether they be audience or passerby.

I bring to life a site that captures my imagination and then draw out its narrative. I want dances in setting that mirrors people’s daily experience. Bridging dance’s abstractness, allowing audiences access to the beautiful truths that the body expresses. I create accessible performances that deliver real theatrical magic to the world we all share. In reinventing our relationships with people, animals, plants, buildings, roads, subways, water - with the world as a whole, we can bring to life the untold stories that lie hidden in our everyday environment. The events that take place transforms not only the performer and audience, but also the space itself. It is a movement away from the blindness of isolation toward the fulfillment of interrelation.


Gabriel Forestieri

Gabriel was born in Louisiana raised in Detroit and transplanted from San Francisco to New York City in 2004. As the Choreographer/Director of projectLIMB he is intent on connecting communities with their landscape, resources, and each other. ProjectLIMB has created work in over 18 countries. ProjectLIMB has performed in Hawaii, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Washington D.C., Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Thailand, New York City, Miami, Dublin, Brussels, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Salt Lake City, Tahoe, Tampere, and Rio de Janeiro. ProjectLIMB’s work has been presented in NYC at DTW, Judson Church, QCA, the Tank, Teaneck Creek Conservancy, Solar One, Central Park. Brooklyn Arts Exchange, White Wave, The Puffin Room, and Symphony Space. ProjectLI,MB has been involved with numerous residencies including the AIR at Earthdance, Solar One Dance Res,  Art Mill in Jeffersonville NY, SEEDS at Earthdance, DTW’s Outer/Space,The Wave Rising Festival, in Hawaii at the Ulua Theatre, and at Art Omi. Gabriel has taught dance at The Juilliard School, Rutgers University, New York University, 100 Grand, Movement Research, Carnegie Melllon University, Hollins University, Joffrey Ballet School, and the Movement Invention Projec . Internationally he has taught at Dance festivals in Brazil, Italy, and Germany Gabriel is an alum of the MFA (2006) dance program at NYU and was nominated for a total of four Isadora Duncan awards (San Francisco’s highest dance achievement) in 2004 and 2005. He has had the pleasure of working with choreographers: Davis Freeman, Daria Fain, Punchdrunk, Wire Monkey Dance, Wili Dorner, Foofwa D’immobliite, Risa Jaroslaw, Keith Thompson, Tomi Pasoneen, Scott Wells, and Erika Shuch. He was a founding company member in 2011 of the NYC mounting of Sleep No More, the Off Broadway sensation.