Vuelta De Rocha - "La historia vuelve a repetirse"

Ladeira da Misericórdia - Uma dança descendo a primeira rua no Rio de Janeiro


Entre Los Dos - our first film - shot under the wate that surround Ibiza and the forests and fields that surround the Arteles Residency in Finland

A Show of Force- nine men pass along the northern edge of Governors Island working through violence and discipline, both present and past an American legacy of force as truth

Escalas de Forestier - El Deterioro Está Bailando con Nosotros Todo el Tiempo Solo que Nuestros Pies Se Mueven tan Deprisa Que no lo notamos

Planetario - la Tierra está hecha de Materia pero el Mundo está hecho de Mundos

Inner Loop - a free autsomatic looping downtown transportation -n o driver no beginning no end a multi generational cast all exploring the only time we ever have


Poelaert  - Une enquête sur ampleur, l'histoire et l'humanité Comment le corps s'adapte à l'intérieur de nos institutions? Peut-on humaniser les espaces les plus impénétrables?

Glass Jaw  -  a self-guided journey between two bridges using dance, theater, sound, and narrative to investigate alternate ways of knowing.


Re-Vision  - is the story of a chance encounter between a Man and a Woman that so completely transforms the other; it spreads out into the environment that surrounds them.


Leviathan - One man’s experiment in a 12 hour, 15 mile marathon performance that includes dance, theater, music, landscape, a free movement class and a opportunity to join in a group performance.


Lobbytop-  A main goal was to uncover the sacredness, the foundational nature of this strange rooftop lobby and share that through Dance/Being.


Handleless at Solar One - ProjectLIMB creates, evolves, and performs work where real time relationships, rather than content, are primary. Handleless is an investigation of all our interactions, an attempt at revelation of the places we inhabit.


Cherry Hill Park - An earlier outdoor work in Central Park


There's no such thing as a solo - We are an emergence; each one of us (us as in all beings) is born of a context. From this perspective it is impossible for me to name this “a solo”, because such a thing has never, will never, and can never exist.



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