Handleless @ Solar One - Summer 2011

(commissioned by Solar One's Dance Site-Work 2011)

By projectLIMB

Handleless at Solar One

projectLIMB is
Gabriel Forestieri – Choreographer
Benjamin Asriel, Gabriel Forestieri. Melissa Guerrero,
Ted Johnson, and Emily Moore – Performers
Loren Dempster – Composer
Django Carranza - Percussionist

ProjectLIMB creates, evolves, and performs work where real time relationships, rather than content, are primary. Handleless is an investigation of all our interactions, an attempt at revelation of the places we inhabit. ProjectLIMB works to bring performer, space, and audience back into relation. Using an immersive language that joins us all together in a celebration of this moment. Which is infinite and can never be "understood" nor separate from. A living space is opened, where transformation and illumination act independent of design. Just as Solar One receives its power from the Sun, so Handleless will take its cues from the multitude of stimulus that is Stuyvesant Cove.



There are few opportunities in my field (dance) where all parts of my interests come together. Working outside to create a dance where the space is truly the choreographer and at an Eco landmark that is combined with a native plant garden on the banks of the East river encompasses just about all of them. Best of all there is a gas station at one end, FDR drive above it, and a power plant to the south. What a perfect setting to address the human perception and creation of our environment and to witness Solar 1's vision that, things could be different. Adding my creativity and being supported by such an endeavor is deeply fulfilling. For me the body and the earth are the same and at Solar 1 it is possible to inhabit this idea in a giant metropolis. Then, watch how that concept reverberates off parking lots, highways, birds, people, leaves, sidewalks, bugs, grasses, skyscrapers, river, shrubs, and sky. Thank you again to all the staff, volunteers, and other beings that make Solar 1 and Stuyvesant cove so special.