presents Leviathan
Sunday September 23rd
From dawn to dusk

projectLIMB performed Leviathan on the equinox Sunday Sept 23rd, beginning at 6:45 am at the bottom of Manhattan and ending 6:50 pm at the top.

One man’s experiment in a 12 hour, 15 mile marathon performance that includes dance, theater, music, landscape, a free movement class and a opportunity to join in a group performance.

Can he maintain his presence inside the monstrous body of Manhattan?

Come participate in the entire journey or experience a single encounter along the way.

Video can be found here



  • The Class is sharing the practice that led me to this work, it is what I have been practicing throughout the performance. Class will be done in silence it will progress in this timeline with these instructions

    2 - 2:30 - Practicing on your own
    Begin moving and keep your eyes open. Seeing is key to this practice, not only keeping your attention on what you are seeing but also letting in what you are seeing. Allowing it to come fully in, by embodying what you are seeing. It is a practice of inclusion, in which one continuously encounters the world and all the beings in it without naming them. Opening to the evolving relationships that are all around you. As you continue to move you relax into movement, following your interest and constantly refreshing your presence. If you get lost or too mental, just quiet down your thoughts and just stay with your senses in the moment seeing, feeling, and hearing.

    2:30 - 3:00 - Practicing with a partner
    At 2:30 a bell will ring, which is the signal to find a partner and put your back against their back. Do this in silence - try to work with someone you do not know. You stay back to back for three breaths and then one person moves out into the space finding somewhere they want to practice. They do a small solo which is witnessed by their partner which lasts about 3 minutes. Then find an end to your solo and go back to back with your partner again for three breaths. At which time you switch roles and go through the same process - walk to a place you want to solo in - solo - find an end - go back to back with your partner again for three breaths. Finally, we will form a circle in the center of the meadow. Take three breaths together and I (Gabriel Forestieri) will continue the performance up to St John of the Divine. Everyone is free to keep practicing and follow me as I continue up to Inwood Hill Park.

    The class is free and open to all
  • Closing Score

    a large group of participants (including any audience who wishes to practice with us) will be following a score I call "flocking the gaze". A score is a set of parameters or rules by which actions are performed, just like notes on a page in a classical music score tell a musician what to play, so a score in dance give the dancers guidelines for their movement.

    Flocking the gaze is a very simple score where everyone looks in the same direction. The person in the front is the leader and everyone behind this person looks in the same direction. As the leader moves their head everyone follows thus "flocking" the direction everyone is looking. The person who is the leader constantly shifts, because as you turn your head or body the person who is in front changes. Anyone can move in any direction and be in any position or any level (i.e. sitting, standing, kneeling, lying down) as long as you are looking the same direction as the person who is in front of you. The idea is to expand what everyone is seeing by collectively focusing our gaze. Thus it is important to practice really seeing what you are looking at, not just moving your head in the same direction as everyone else.

    Here is the timeline for the end – I really want the group’s support at the last soccer field you are welcome to join before then but the score really starts there. (by the way the A train stop is closer to Inwood Hill Park)

    • I get off the Dyckman stop off the 1 train and move up Dyckman until it dead ends at the Hudson River.
    •  I make a right into Inwood Hill Park and go past all the ball fields on the path closest to the Hudson
    • The last field is a soccer field, this is where the group will form a large clump until we pass through the last white goal posts.
    • Then we all begin to “flock the gaze”. At some point all of us will reach stillness staring at the water. I, Gabriel Forestieri, will do a small solo at the river's edge and finally disappear behind the rock walls